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Who are we?

J-Wire is a Japanese company specializing in providing services to online sellers. We have years of experience with supporting FBA sellers in the Japanese, American and European marketplaces. Our team comprises not only of Amazon listing experts (keyword, PPC, translation), but we also have a photo/video studio on site, as well as our own warehouses. We have a qualified IOR on staff, and work closely with Japanese logistics companies to provide full end-to-end shipping support. From overseas factories to Amazon Japan FCs direct.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to request shipping quotations.

At J-Wire, we can provide not only full support, but also à la carte solutions. So either let us take control of the whole shipping and listing process and customer support, or pick and choose only the services that you require.

Native English services!

J-Wire is a Japanese company specializing in providing services to online sellers.
Whether you are based in Japan or overseas, our bilingual staff are here to help!

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Acting as your IOR (Importer of record) to sell in Japan

When overseas sellers want to send FBA inventory into the Amazon fulfillment centers in Japan, Amazon will not act as your IOR. You must arrange one by yourself.

Amazon PDF explaning the IOR

Importer of Record

IOR Service
5,000 yen/shipment

Receiving returned products from customer or Amazon
400 yen/box

Return products to specified location
Contact us for pricing

Listing Translation

Translation (listing, instructions, catalog, etc)
15 yen/word

Amazon optimized translation
Contact us for a customized translation with researched keywords

Customer Support

Call customers
2,500 yen/call

Email customers
1000 yen/email


Please contact us using the form below with any other queries you may have!

Medical devices
Counterfeit or IP infinging products/brands
Items prohibited under Japanese law

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