An introduction platform for Japanese influencer advertising.

For Brands

・Do you want to promote your products in Japan?
・JaBuzz puts you in contact with marketing influencers.
・We can help you find Japanese influencers to promote your products.
・Search for influencers by interest and location!

For Influencers

・Are you interested in recieving free or discounted products?
・Get great offers in return for reviews or posts on social media.
・Grow your audience for better rewards!
・Customize your profile to attract offers relevant to you.

Introducing Japanese products to the world. A system to manage and match brands with influencers.


Offering discounts and freebies can create influencer interest in your products. When influencers get a good deal, they feel valued, and will invest their time and energy into promoting your brand. With JaBuzz, influencers create original content, just for you, and spread knowledge of your brand and products to your target audience.


72% of consumers make their purchasing decisions using social media. Influencers on social media are the ones guiding those decisions. Trust in brands is falling, while the leverage of influencers is on the rise. In fact, research shows that for every spent on influencer marketing, brands can expect to see a $6.50 return!


Potential customers are more likely to engage with attractive content on their social media feeds.
This kind of marketing feels more personally relevant, and relatable, and it’s easier to share!
In fact, spreading brand awareness by word-of-mouth can yield a 37% higher customer retention rate
than traditional marketing!


JaBuzz is a global marketing platform. We aim to connect brands all over the world to influencers all over the world,
not just in Japan. Brands and influencers can chose WHO they want to work with, and WHERE they want that work to happen.

JaBuzz costs ¥2980 per month, but we're currently running an offer for ¥1980 per month.

A PayPal account is required for payment.

For brands

JaBuzz is free to use for influencers. Influencers can negotiate their own terms of work with brands.

A PayPal account is required for you to accept payment.

For influencers

Tips for brands

  • Titles - Try to include important information in your offer title. Nothing grabs attention more than '50% off!' or '0 discount!'
  • Coupons - Our recommended method for offering discounts to influencers is Amazon Coupon Codes. These offer you control and flexibility when it comes to setting up your offers!
  • Introduction - be sure to include as much information about your company and product as possible. The clearer your descriptions are, the more interest your offer will generate.

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