AMZsol, our PPC settings tool

A perfect hands-on solution for your Amazon PPC.

Account Control

A hands off approach to your Amazon ads, let us handle it.

① Negative keywords and unit price adjustment

Are you able to exclude useless keywords in your sponsored product campaigns? Is your ACOS too high? If you don’t manage your ads well, you’ll be losing money on advertising.

Eliminate useless keywords and adjust the your bitrates in bulk! Many SKU's can be controlled with a single click!

②Setting up keywords that convert

Are you leaving your converting keywords untouched? By setting up exact match, phrase match, partial match, and product targeting based on your converting keywords, you can increase exposure to keywords that are relevant to your products and pick up more keywords. But, setting them up one by one for a lot of SKUs takes a lot of

Set up each match type in bulk based on the keywords that sell, with recommended cost per click!
Set up keywords that enhance your Amazon SEO and increase your exposure with a single click!